Money really sucks sometimes.

(Let’s just put that out there so we’re both on the same page.)

Do you ever say things like this?

  • “I hate my f*ng job. So, so much. But I will never be able to live on less than I make now.”
  • “How am I this close to overdraft again? Where did the money go?”
  • “My student loan balance is so ridiculous I can’t even look at it.”
  • “Every time I pay for [super cool thing/experience] I feel so guilty about it afterwards.”
  • “I wish I could just marry someone rich so I don’t have to think about money anymore.”

If you’ve said even one of those things, here’s what’s up.

You are not the boss of your money.

(I completely understand and can totally relate.  I’ve said all of these things at one point or another.)

Guess what?  This is NOT okay.  Because you are SMART.  And suck as it may, it’s YOUR money.

YOU deserve to be in charge.

Not your employer. Not your bank. Not your student loans. Not your credit card. Not your spouse. And for Heaven’s sake, not your parents.

  • You deserve to wake up each day to work you love that pays you well.
  • You deserve to feel good when you check your bank balance.
  • You deserve to pay as little interest as possible on your student loans.
  • You deserve to be able to afford the things that are important to you.
  • You deserve to make empowered decisions about your finances.

Does this seem insane? Impractical? Impossible? Totally time-consuming?

It’s not.

My name is Rebecca and I help young professionals take control of their finances so they can have the choices and opportunities they deserve.

I believe money should be the key to unlocking your dreams – not the one thing standing in your way.

I believe managing your money should feel AWESOME for you – not make you want to run screaming in the other direction.

I believe every woman should strive to be financially independent – because there is no excuse not to be.

And I believe you can – and should – totally, TOTALLY spend your money the way you want to.

That is what I call “rocking your money.”

If you’re ready to rock yours, start by downloading my Guilty Pleasure Guide to Money: Take Control, Feel Amazing, and Have More! Enter your name and e-mail in the box above to have at it.  (You’ll also get love notes about money from me in your email until you don’t want them anymore.)

I’m so happy you’re here and hope you’ll stick around.

Keep on truckin’,


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