A healthy, productive relationship with your money is about more than what you do. It is also about what you think and how you feel.

Individual financial wellness coaching focuses on all three of these areas, helping you to create plans and take actions that are sustainable given the reality of your situation, needs, and desires.

Together, we will establish systems for organizing your files, your time, and your finances. We will set goals and clarify your "why?"s. And most importantly, we will bring awareness to habits and behaviors that are no longer serving you and begin to shift and replace them with new ones.

Our work together is structured to help you see results relatively quickly, with three, six, or ten-session packages designed to fit your needs and budget. (And yes, we will work with you to help you figure out what that is!)

Individual financial wellness coaching can help you answer YES to questions like...

  • Do I spend my money on things that truly matter to me?

  • Am I aware of and actively paying off my student loan, credit card, or other debt?

  • Am I proud of my credit score?

  • Do I feel comfortable having conversations about money with both peers and financial professionals?

  • Could I handle a major unexpected expense?

  • Do I feel organized and in control of my finances?

  • Do I manage my money in a way that allows me to enjoy my life?

An initial 45-minute individual phone session is $75. Individual or couples coaching sessions may be held virtually (phone or Skype) or in person in NYC.

If you're wondering, "What should I do, where should I start, and how does XYZ apply to me?" individual financial wellness coaching may help.

Before working with Rebecca I was scared and feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of finding out how much money I owed and how much I was potentially overspending each month. I worried that if I made a budget, I would have to cut back on things I wanted to have or do.

Rebecca is fantastic – extremely organized, efficient, kind, thoughtful. It was so much more than giving me a bunch of spreadsheets to fill out. She really helped me think about how I use money and how I feel about my money, and that really helped me focus on how I want to spend it. I feel like she tailored her work to fit my needs. Now I finally feel organized... and less guilty!
— S.G., individual client